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Upcoming Radio Interviews with Danielle Egnew:

Sun May 29th 2011 - 12-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST
The Jill Dahne Show
- WNN Radio / 1470 AM in Florida
Jill Dahne Show Stream Live
Jill Dahne Website

March 15th 2011 - 5pm PST / 8pm ET
Rock Talk with The Rock Girl on CBS Radio, studio call-in 248-545-7685
Rock Talk Stream Live
Rock Girl Website

January 10th 2011 - 3-5pm PST / 6-8pm EST
- Wings of Love on Achieve Radio with Allie Cheslick. Call in studio live: 888-235-7374.
- Achieve Radio Stream Live
- Wings of Love Radio website
- Listen to Achieve Radio on your phone (323) 474-0045

January 7th 2011 - 5-7pm PST / 8-10pm EST
-The Art of Healing with Chinhee and Sunhee Park on CBS Radio. Call in studio live: 248-545-SOUL.
- The Art of Healing Stream Live
- The Art of Healing website

December 21st 2010 - 5pm PST / 8pm EST
-The Sceptic and the Ghostie on FATE Radio with Amy Boutin and Erik Shaltis.
- FATE Radio Stream Live
- The Sceptic and the Ghostie website


Danielle Egnew Set to Co-Host New Paranormal Radio
Show HAUNTED PLAYGROUND with Talk Radio Icon
Sheena Metal

Haunted Playground with Sheena metal and Danielle Egnew on LA Talk Radio

February 9 2010 - After successfully breaking ground as a first-time director and host with the long-anticipated paranormal documentary hit Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting, released December of 2009, Danielle Egnew received the green light from top-rated LA Talk Radio to co-host the latest in their line of programming, Haunted Playground, along with award winning talk radio icon Sheena Metal.

"I'm really excited and honored to be working with such an established talent as Sheena on the air," says Egnew of her new endeavor. "I have hosted talk radio before, but this is

the first time I've ever had a regular co-host, and I am really enjoying the team dynamic."

The radio show is also accompanied by a Haunted Playground web series companion, produced by Egnew through her production company Ave Vox Entertainment, which also captained Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting. The web series chronicles the explorations and investigations of known haunted locations that she and Sheena, as well as guests, will embark upon. The first installment of a two part series on the haunted Hotel Del Coronado outside of San Diego is already up on You Tube.

Haunted Playground is the no-holds-barred turf where Danielle Egnew’s vast Paranormal expertise joins forces yard for yard with the unparalleled signature wit of Sheena Metal. Egnew is no stranger to the paranormal in media, having landed in the “expert seat” on more than one occasion while doing Psychic work with Law Enforcement, as on-camera Psychic talent, hosting and directing her own paranormal documentary feature film, and as creative consultant on several paranormal TV programs as well as being the most-repeat guest as "The Resident Psychic" on The Sheena Metal Experience. Sheena Metal, dubbed by the industry as “The Queen of Observation”, has not only continuously been a Top-Rated Female Talk Radio Host in Los Angeles for over 12 years, now anchoring her own daily drive-time show The Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio, but grew up fascinated by the paranormal while coping with the challenges of living in a haunted home. This dynamic duo dissects the paranormal in a way that not only educates, but entertains.

Laugh and learn two hours every Tuesday from 3-5pm PST. From today’s top paranormal experts to the most bizarre phenomenon to the world’s most engaging spiritual people, Haunted Playground has room for everyone.


Danielle Egnew directs own Music Video - "Drive and Drive"
featured on album Red Lodge

August 2009 - Danielle Egnew both directs and stars in her newest music video supporting her NAMMY-Nominated album, Red Lodge. The song "Drive and Drive" was also featured in the 2008 Clear Pictures feature film release Changing Spots, in which Egnew also starred.

"I took a more conceptual approach to the video, like a mini-movie," comments Egnew. "This song is a really heavy, thoughful piece, and I wasn't sold on the idea of me jamming out in the middle of it."

Red Lodge
was nominated for BEST ALBUM at The 2009 Tuney Awards and BEST FOLK RECORDING at the 2008 Nammy Awards, and is available on Maurice The Fish Records.

Danielle Egnew stars in the FookMovie Music Video
"Amazed by the Light That is You"

July 2009 - Danielle Egnew stars in this FookMovie production as the one who is love-stricken. Written by John Scott G, "Amazed by the Light That is You" is available through Golosio Publishing; Vocals by Jan Linder-Koda, and produced / instrumentation by Marty Rifkin (guitarist for Bruce Springsteen, Jewel, Tom Petty, Dwight Yokam, and many others).

Danielle Egnew guest for entire show on
The Sheena Metal Experience

May 15th, 2009 Studio City, CA - Danielle will be the featured guest for a two-hour interview on her upcoming film "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting" along with other paranormal, Psychic, and world topics, on hit

daily Los Angeles Talk Radio Show The Sheena Experience. Tune in online from anywhere to enjoy the show, from 5-7pm PST, Friday, May 15th -- call in live with your questions: 818-602-4929.


Listen to the archived two hour show here!

Trailer and Website Launched for
Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

March 2009 Los Angeles - The website and the trailer for Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting, the Paranormal Documentary written and Directed by Danielle Egnew, has been launched at .

in addition, join fans of Danielle and the paranormal through film groups online at:

the MySpace Montgomery House Film Site, at

the Facebook Montgomery House Film Group

The fim is slated for release in late spring of 2009.

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting Poster

Danielle Egnew on Premier broadcast of
The Sheena Metal Experience

January 5, 2009 Studio City, CA - Danielle was a featured guest for an hour-long expose on Psychic Phenomenon on the premier broadcast of hit daily Los Angeles Talk Radio Show The Sheena Metal Experience on LA
Talk Radio. Danielle's work as a professional Clairvoyant with Law enforcement, Private Clients, and Fortune 500 Companies came into play when fielding the topic "The Paranormal: Is It Real?"

All LA Talk Radio shows are archived, so fans can re-play any show and listen online to the fantastic banter between Danielle, callers, and award-winning host Sheena Metal on topics ranging from the validity of television mediums becoming "possessed" to Danielle's latest paranormal film. LIsten to this program by logging onto The Sheena Metal Experience webpage, where an mp3 archive of daily shows is hosted, and click on the Janaury 5th archive.

Danielle will be making regular appearances on The Sheena Metal Experience, anchoring the "Ask The Psychic" segments. The show airs Monday-Friday from 5pm-7pm Pacific Time. Listen to the show anywhere in the world online, through your iPhone or on Wi-Fi at, and make sure to call in with your questions - 818-602-4929.

Danielle Egnew Directing Paranormal Film

November 17th, 2008 Kalama, WA - Danielle wrote and directed the paranormal documentary Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting, shot on location at the Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast in Kalama, WA, along with crews in Montana and California.

Director of Photography Arthur Reynolds and Director Danielle Egmew on the set, after the film wrapped.

Danielle applied her Clairvoyant aptitudes on camera for the purposes of helping unlock the many secrets of the home's past, while walking the audience through the vast history of the house, the land, and it's invisible, yet very present occupants.

Thanks to South Sound Paranormal Research of Washington State, who set up their equipment inside the home for an in-depth scientific investigation of the haunting, and event that lasted for several days.

South Sound Paranormal Research and Washington Film Crew Heads:
(left to right) Arthur Reynolds - Director of Photography (seated), Corey Delasaux, Danielle Egnew,
Billi Johnson (front), Patty Valdez, Lori Nelsen, and Paul Cranefield - Second Unit Director (seated)

Contributions to the invstigation were also made by members of The Western-Pacific Paranormal Alliance , Tammy Mehlhaff and Jenny Sherwin, as well -- thanks to Montana Third Unit Director Paul Mehlhaff.

Special Thanks are extended to Montgomery House proprietors Eric and Julianna Montgomery, who graciously exposed their own paranormal history in the house, unfurling terrifying and previously undiscussed secrets while on camera. Keep your eyes peeled here for Danielle's film, coming out in the fall / winter of 2009.

Danielle Egnew and Pope Jane Nominated for 9 Tuney Awards

September 1st, 2008 Billings, MT - A staggering nine Tuney nominations were thrown into the ring for Danielle Egnew and her all girl band, Pope Jane, comprised of Egnew on vocals and guitar, Kristen Coyner on drums, and Holly Shawver on Bass.

The string of nine nominations lands on the 8th Annual Tuney Awards, and comes on the tail end of Pope Jane's Reunion concert, held in Billings on June 21st, 2008.

As a band, Pope Jane was nominated in the catagories of Best CD, Best Song (Shatter), Best Rock Act, and Best CD Cover Art. Individually, Danielle Egnew was nominated for Best Producer/Engineer, Best Female Vocalist, and Best Guitar Player, Kristen Coyner was nominated for best drummer and Holly Shawver for Best Bass Player.

The Tuneys are a Montana-based People's Choice music award, sponsored by The Billings Outpost Newspaper, highlighting the best musical talent in the area. Egnew is a Montana native, with bassist Shawver still residing in Billings with her husband and four children.

Tuney nominations, along with the winners, are gathered and decided upon by the Montana community, whose nominations and votes are tallied via paper ballots.

The Tuneys Award Ceremony is held on September 28th in Billings, MT.

Danielle Egnew Nominated for NAMMY Award

August 25th, 2008 Niagara Falls, NY- Danielle Egnew has been nominated by the Native American Music Awards Advisory Committee in the BEST FOLK RECORDING catagory, for her album RED LODGE.

"I am so thrilled about this nomination," said Egnew, born in Montana of Cherokee and Lakota lineage. "The NAMMY's are huge, and it's just such an honor to be included as part of the incredible talent in the Native music community."

The 10th Annual NAMMY Awards, as the ceremony has become known, take place

on October 4th, 2008, and will be televised from the Seneca Niagara Events Center in Niagara Falls. Tickets for the event start at $20.00 and are available through Ticketmaster. The NAMMY's are one of the most prestigious music awards granted to artists today, recognized for their signifigance by the Recording Academy (Grammy's).

Unlike the Grammy's, whose winners are strictly voted on by Recording Academy voting members, 30% of a NAMMY winner's total vote count is derived from online voter participation, with 70% of the winning vote decided by the NAMA Advisory Board.

To cast your vote for Danielle Egnew and her album RED LODGE in the BEST FOLK RECORDING catagory, visit the NAMMY site online:

All online votes must be accompanied by a valid e-mail address, and every catagory on the ballot must be filled in for the ballot to be considered valid, in the spirit of fair voting to all nominated artists. Music in each catagory is available to voters for online listening.

Pope Jane Reunion Concert

Pope Jane Reunion Concert - Billings, Montana 2008

August 6th 2008 - Montana Director and Producer Paul Mehlhaff has once again added his creative bent on another Danielle Egnew project, shooting coverage of the Pope Jane Reunion Concert in Billings, Montana, on June 21st, editing and compiling the footage into a live concert DVD which will be available for Pope Jane fans unable to attend the Montana event. A sneak preview of the DVD is available in the video above.

Pope Jane, the popular all-female band that originated out of Billings, Montana and went on to garner international recognition and a strong cult following, is comprised of Danielle Egnew on Vocals and Guitar, Kristen Coyner on Drums and Backing Vocals, and Holly Shawver on Bass and Backing Vocals. The Reunion Concert was the first show the original members have played together since 2001.

Followers of Danielle's video work may recognize Paul Mehlhaff's name already, as the very same creative entity that Directed and Produced Danielle's solo video for her first single release, "Swinging At Nothing", from her Red Lodge album.

"We are really excited to have Paul working on this project, because he's just great" said Egnew. "We've all known him for years, and he has such a great handle on what our sound is all about. Both Kristen and Holly are jazzed he's behind the live videos and DVD."

The Pope Jane Reunion Concert, which boasted the headlining slot on Montana Pride's Mainstage and a front page headline on the June 19th edition of The Billings Gazette, Montana's most widely distributed paper, played to a packed crowd, selling out of special edition concert T-shirts and releasing their Best-Of CD entitled"Slightly Used", covering 5 albums with sneak peaks from the bands upcoming album Tin Star Revival.

The concert was not without it's challenges. The band, who now live in three different states (California, Washington, and Montana) put in five days of eight hour rehearsals while in Montana in order to be prepared for the concert.

All in all, the concert was a "phenominal success" in the band's scrapbook. Danielle Egnew and Pope Jane Fans can look forward to a full length concert DVD.

Danielle Egnew Endorsed by In Tune Guitar Picks

June 1st 2008 Los Angeles, CA - Danielle Egnew was chosen as an endorsee by power pick company In Tune Guitar Picks, who endorses many well known artists ranging from JLo and INXS to Hilary Duff and The White Stripes.

Danielle will be allocated her own signature pick. For ease of use with her many acoustic instrument stylings, Danielle has chosen the In Tune GrippX-X Delrin Guitar Pick, Orange .60mm. GrippX picks are made of delrin and brought to a matte finish which allows for better grip. Delrin also allows for greater durability than celluloid picks.

"This is a fantastic company to work with, and I feel very fortunate to have been chosen as an endorsed artist, in such formidable professional company as the many successful artists on their roster," commented Egnew.

Visit In Tune Guitar Picks to view their extensive product line.

Danielle Egnew signs Unprecedented Recording Deal with
Maurice The Fish Records

January 5th 2008 Los Angeles, CA -- Multi-award winning pop / rock artist Danielle Egnew, known for successfully fielding various artistic pursuits from solo music projects to fronting and producing popular all-girl band Pope Jane as well as her on-camera acting and scoring work in film and TV, has signed an unprecedented multi-tiered record deal with Maurice the Fish Records. Egnew, who made headlines in the past after declining label deals due to contract restrictions, cites this diverse opportunity with Maurice the Fish Records as a "perfect marriage of business and expression."

With market-changing spikes in digital music distribution through vendors such as iTunes, coupled with a sizable decline in major label artist signings in 2007, Maurice the Fish Records is one of many high-end boutique labels springing up to claim the spoils from the jaws of the crumbling music industry infrastructure. Creating a razor-sharp commercial focus through hot artist branding and aggressive out-of-the-box marketing, Maurice the Fish Records leads the pack amongst boutique labels, and has the added distinction of being exclusively run by women.

“This deal is an absolute dream,” said an enthusiastic Egnew, “taking into account every
aspect of my music career, unlike anything I have ever been offered. With such an
artist-friendly staff and such a visionary team, this singular deal is more like getting four
record deals in one, as the label has considered all the separate projects that I am
involved in.”

Traditional record deals require an artist to commit to a single musical genre, such as rock or country, for the duration of their contract. These traditional marketing models are designed with the simple intent of securing a repeat product-buying audience for an artist. However, this traditional model is not only artistically limiting to artists who thrive across different musical genres, such as Egnew, but it also limits the earning power of the label per artist.

For instance, the music produced by Egnew’s band Pope Jane is considered to be Pop, whose prime demographic is females between the ages of 15-30, while her solo material contained on her new album Red Lodge falls in the Americana category, which tends to appeal to both males and females between the ages of 30-45. Egnew’s band Junkie Cousin is Alternative Rock – appealing to a buying public of males between the ages of 14 and 25 -- but Egnew also composes rich catalogues of ambient music that can be licensed to film and television, a listening demographic of both genders between the ages of 35-65.

Though successful cross-genre artists like Danielle Egnew are a rare find, they are an extreme asset to the sleeker, more market-nimble boutique labels, which are able to quickly assess changes in the music market and immediately provide product to reflect these changes.

“This deal really is revolutionary in how labels contract with artists,” said Egnew. “The
terms are terrific, great for everybody involved. It’s just refreshing that there are still labels out there that really want to partner with their artists.”

Danielle Egnew Wins All Access Music Award

Nov. 3rd 2007,Hollywood, CA - In a star-heavy awards night at The Knitting factory on Hollywood Boulevard, Danielle was honored for the second year in a row by the All Access Awards Committee with the maximum number of award nominations -- three -- for Best Female Rock Vocalist, Best Overall Songwriter, and Best Keyboardist in the Pop, Alternative, and Glam catagories. Danielle was very excited to take home the award for Best Keyboardist. You can watch some of Danielle's award-winning piano work in her music video, Swinging At Nothing.

In addition to walking away with the Best Keyboardist award, one of Danielle's many bands, Sheena Metal's Beer Bong, was honored with one of the most coveted awards of the evening -- the People's Choice Award. Beer Bong opened up the awards ceremony, and is an established theatrical 80's metal satire band in the vein of Tenacious D and Spinal Tap, whose ten year career has included gigs on the Hollywood and Vegas strips. Within Beer Bong, Danielle plays the character of "Ivana Rock, the Angel of Metal", an Eastern European block keyboard-playing backing vocalist sporting a silver Tina Turner wig and three foot long black

feathered wings. Danielle is currently producing the first ever Beer Bong album The Funnel of Love.

Watch Danielle's Video!

 Danielle Egnew - "Swinging At Nothing"

Video Shoot in Montana - July 2007

Danielle's long-awaited solo album Red Lodge, named after her favorite mountain town, is due out early fall of 2007, with the flagship single "Swinging At Nothing" captaining the album launch with a video directed by Paul Mehlhaff. The shoot took place in Danielle's home state of Montana. "Swinging At Nothing is the perfect single to kick off this album," says Egnew, "because its simplicity is exactly what Red Lodge is all about." The video features sentimental locations such as Egnew's childhood home, where she is seen playing her family's 1912 Steinway baby grand. "We had the weirdst living room in Montana," Egnew adds, "because instead of a big screen TV, we had this enormous magical piano, full of songs just begging to be written. The piano is really the star of the video, in my opinion."

The album is an expressive, intimate piece featuring Egnew's trademark vocal work and her playing of a litany of instruments from piano to guitar, mandolin, bass, tibetan bowls, penny whistle, and an array of percussion tools including tribal drums. Red Lodge will be available for retail sale online and at numerous download sites.

The NAMM Show 2007, Anaheim January 18th - 21st

As an endorsed artist, Danielle will be a featured guest of Minarik Guitars at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, January 18th - 21st. Come find her and say hello! The stars come out in force during the NAMM Show. Throughout the show, a steady stream of legendary musicians and celebrities drop by to sign autographs, take photos with fans and check out the latest gear. Past star sightings include Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Dave Navarro, Peter Frampton, Eddie Van Halen, Carlos Santana, Gene Simmons, Kevin Bacon, Keanu Reeves, Kelly Clarkson, Brian Wilson and even Shaq.

View a larger version of this photo

  Nov. 4th, Hollywood, CA -- Danielle was repeatedly honored at the All Access Music Awards 2006 in Hollywood with her three nominations and win. The total number of nominations an artist could receive was three, so Danielle was thrilled to have been honored with three out of three nominations.

The ceremony took place at The Knitting Factory on Hollywood Boulevard. The star-studded night was an all-around hit for Danielle, who was also excited to be endorsed by Minarik Guitars, makers of the beautiful custom Sanhaim electric guitar pictured with Danielle -- the very guitar she won that night!

"Samhain" is Celtic for "New Year", which on the ancient Celtic calendar was the day after Halloween. The theme of the Samhain is "mysticism", with an inlaid moon and clouds on the twelfth fret, and inlaid writing on the fretboard in the Harry Potter font.

Changing Spots (Clear Pictures)

View the Changing Spots trailer below, complete with Danielle's
original film score! Read more about Danielle starring role in Changing Spots!

Activism - August 2006
Need free Danielle-endorsed campaign materials for
your local Gay Marraige campaign? Click here!

Danielle backed Virginia's movement to
Vote NO on the Marshall-Newman Amendment.
The Marshall-Newman Amendment would forever deny
the Virginia General Assembly the right to enact
a law that recognizes civil unions or affords to unmarried couples and their families any of the legal
or financial benefits, rights or obligations of marriage.

Listen to Danielle's PSA for Gay Marriage Rights.

Book Danielle to speak at your Gay Marraige
campaign rally!

Cover Story
Pride and Equality
May / June 2006

"Changing Spots: Changing the Face
of Lesbian Cinema"
by Jesse Kramer

Danielle shares the cover with fellow actress
Lane West for the upcoming Clear Pictures
drama, Changing Spots, in which Danielle
stars as Peg Franklin.

VDay New York 2006
The Vagina Monologues

The two evening, charity performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues was a smash hit for the Upper East Side! Running April 1st & 2nd, the celebrity cast and new monologues by playwright Eve Ensler brought pertinent attention to the continued abuse of women throughout the world, with particluar emphasis on the "Comfort Women" -- the group of women forced into sexual subservience by the Japanese military in WWII.

Celebrity cast included:
Kathryn Erbe
Ally Sheedy
Danielle Egnew
Jenny Sherwin (a.k.a. "Sheena Metal")
Senator Liz Krueger
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

See the celebrity cast!

and others...celebrating all that it is to be a woman.
Musical Guest: Bet Williams Trio.

For more information on future upcoming events, visit:

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