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Summer 2009

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting
A film by Danielle Egnew

by Mystikka Jade

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is a riveting feature length paranormal documentary written, directed and hosted by Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew, whose name you may also recognize as award-winning recording artist / music producer (Pope Jane, Danielle Egnew and her Whiskey Roadshow Band), and produced by both Egnew and music / radio star Jenny Sherwin (aka Sheena Metal, The Sheena Metal Experience / LA Talk Radio).

The film uncovers the origins of the terrifying and unpredictable haunted history of the previously undocumented Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast in Kalama, WA. With the aid of local Native American tribal leaders, historians, a psychologist, reputable paranormal investigation groups, as well as first-hand paranormal accounts from Bed and Breakfast guests, owners, local townsfolk, and a plethora of spiritual healers and leaders of many sects, the dark secrets and complicated identity of Montgomery House are brought into the light.

Unlike many paranormal documentaries, which often focus on the sensational, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting not only presents compelling evidence of the existence of other-worldy beings living among us, but reveals and examines the individual ingredients that come together to birth a haunting of this magnitude. Psychic Danielle Egnew works closely with skeptics, investigators, and unearthly beings alike to apply science and spirituality in order to bring into focus some of the most frightening cornerstones of the unknown, for the purpose of educating the mainstream public on the physics of the unseen reality that exists around us, everyday. Filmed on location in three different states and packed with edgy music, from Danielle Egnew’s own original score to many other fresh artists, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is an unnerving but fascinating twenty-first century expose on what lurks in the space between what we recognize as truth, and what we choose to understand.

Visit the website to view the trailer, search for screenings, news, and cast / director appearances, and more!

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