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These are some of Danielle's favorite people, places, and things, and some she
thinks are just plain fun.

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Film Poster

Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

My critically acclaimed feature length paranormal documentary -- order your DVD copy today, with over 20+ minutes of bonus features!

"Directing, writing, and starring in this raw expose of this previously unexplored location, Clairvoyant Danielle helps to shed light on the darkest secrets of one of the most haunted locations in America with the help of Native American Tribal leaders, historians, psychologists, townsfolk, and two paranormal investigative groups."

Backseat Bordello

Backseat Bordello

Order Backseat Bordello's CD END TIMES DINER today!
*Great* reviews on CNN's Showbiz Tonight,,
and New Music Weekly Magazine !!

This is my outstanding acoustic duo with the one and only, my fellow Pope Jane-ster Kristen Coyner! If you love fantastic vocals and some really great textural guitars, you will LOVE our CD, "End Times Diner"! Get yours today
and hop into the backseat with us!

Haunted Playground with Sheena Metal and Danielle Egnew

Haunted Playground

My wonderful weekly paranormal Radio Show that I co-host alongside talk radio icon Sheena Metal. Also the website for The Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance, of which I'm a co-founder.

Danielle Egnew - Psychic Medium

Danielle Egnew, Clairvoyant / Medium

This may explain my fascination with Spiritual Physics! This site has so much information on the nature of Spiritaul Gifts and Abilities, it's better than the Discovery Channel. Come find out more of what I do in my spiritual work!

The Holly Shawver Project

The Holly Shawver Project

I produced this terrific solo project for the one and only, my other fellow
Pope Jane-ster Holly Shawver! This album is a must-have for anyone who loves
an amazing groove. A note of trivia: You'll find yours truly throughout the album on backing vocals and rhythm guitar ;)!

Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences

Everyone loves the Grammys, and I'm proud to be an inducted voting member of The Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Minarik Guitars

This tremendous Los Angeles guitar company hand-crafts some of the most sonically perfect and beautiful custom instruments on the market today. I know -- I play them, and I love them!

Scoop Straps

Beautiful handmade custom tooled straps for guitars, banjos, and mandolins, plus harmoby Steven "Scoop" Reece! For anyone who loves gorgeous custom leather work, this Florida based company is for you!

The Sheena Metal Experience on LA Talk Radio

The Sheena Metal Experience

The mistress of wit Sheena Metal is at her best -- irreverent, edgy, educatted, a little frightening, but a WHOLE lot fun! LA's BEST talk jock is back, giving it to you hard everyday, drive time! Log On Any time to listenfrom anywhere!

Maurice The Fish Records

Maurice The Fish Records

Check out the great label that I'm signed to, with offices in Seattle
and Los Angeles!

Pope Jane

Over 12 years of Pope Jane history! You'll see myself, Kristen and Holly together here in this classic alt rock combination -- take a look at videos,
get yourself FREE mp3's, press news, and more!

The Official Sheena Metal Website

Syndicated Talk Radio Host, Headlining Stand-Up Comic, Actress, Writer and Columnist, Music Promoter-- what doesn't the very talented Sheena do?

Music Highway with Sheena Metal

The ONLY 100% all listener requested Inide Music Radio show in the country -- now Syndicated! Tune in and listen to Sheena Metal's undeniable wit as she and her co-host hash it out about being part of today's music community and music industry trends. I'm one of Sheena's rotating co-hosts!

Feather Light Healing

Feather Light Healing

My dear friend Terri Downs is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Healer. You may know Terri from her appearance in my film "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting". Terri owns and operates Feather Light Healing, in Lakewood, WA. I highly recommend Terri's healing services to anyone. She is amazing.

Dan Page and the Barn Cats

Now, THIS is what I'm talking about! Great roots rock with great roots -- the same roots I have in Montana! These are some of my oldest, dearest friends -- Dan Page, Mark Bryan, Brad Edwards and Dennis Nettiksimmons. We all used to get up and jam back in the day at the very fine Casey's Golden Pheasant in Billings, Montana. Check out their music - I love it!!

Angels - Angelic Reflections by Mike Cucciardi

For those of you looking for a little inspiration, I HIGHLY Recommend this book by my very own uncle, Mike Cucciardi! Over 200 poems and poemettes exploring the mystery, beauty, and blessings of Angels in our lives. Uplifting and though-provoking, these short reflections bring a fresh understanding to a timeless topic.

MetaCreative Magazine

A wonderful higher consciousness e-zine with beautiful graphics and fantastic content. For those of you who enjoy messages of higher thinking and healing, I think you'll truly enjoy this entire publication. It's free to download in pdf format, or you can read it online. From time to time, I'm a contributing writer!

Go Gratitude Experiment

You want the Master Key to unlock all of your highest hearts desires? Then look into the face of Gratitude! This is a GREAT site, that helps you get connected to what makes the Universe go 'round -- check it out, it's free, and start on your own road to gratitude while watching your life change!

The White Shark Conservation, Education and Exploration Society

The White Shark Conservation, Education and Exploration Society is dedicated to the exploratoin and conservation of our world's greatest predator, and the conservation of it's environment.

Creative Women

The web's largest collection of women's poetry, art and music.

Half Mad Poet

This band ROCKS! Granted, I have a soft-spot for all-female power trios, but this Chicago-based trio grooves. Long-time pals of Pope Jane's, so check them out!

Boston Girl Guide

Boston Girl Guide -- an online guide for women in music to come together creatively.

Cafe Deb

The site by hot artist / photographer Alisa Christensen, where you'll find great original photos, steamy stories, sexy gals, great music, and so much more.

GoGirls Music

GoGirls Music, founded by Madalyn Sclar, is one of the original online women's music resources -- the real deal, chocked full of helpful information like feature articles, networking opportunities, and so much more! I've been a featured contributing writer for GoGirls Music -- check them out!

The Lost and Foundation

The Lost & Foundation is a terrific non-profit organization primarily made up of musicians volunteering their time, talent and effort to help children in need. I dontated a song I wrote ("Everybody Cries Sometimes") to their children's benefit album entitled,"We're All Kids On This Bus".


Everyday can be The L Word! Thousands of sites to check out, rate, and review.

Everything from Politics, Media, Literature, and Spirituality -- featuring the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC).

All Things Lesbian

With a title like this, you know you're curious. Personals, forums, chats, classifieds, celebrity links, and more.

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