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The Examiner Los Angeles

The Examiner Los Angeles
December 31st 2009

DVD Review
“Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting”

by Terra King

There is nothing better than a good paranormal documentary. Good ones, however are few and far between. The Booth Brothers are good and so is Danielle Egnew.

Filmmaker Danielle Egnew (who is also a singer, writer, actress, psychic...well check out her personal MySpace page,) has completed her documentary 'The Montgomery House.' I've been waiting to see it and finally got to see it this week...Wow!!!

I have the pleasure of watching a lot of

Danielle Egnew in Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting

paranormal documentaries and shows to write about in my paranormal column.  'The Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting' is an amazing documentary about one particular Bed & Breakfast in Washington state.

Montgomery House is not just another dwelling on a nice quiet street. The secrets it hides are many, almost every part of the has...activity. 

Check out the 'Montgomery House' here.

During the first part of the film a cursory investigation is done as Danielle tours the house accompanied by one of the owners, Julianna. Danielle's senses are keen and the film reveals via text at the bottom of the screen what she felt at the time the scene was filmed.

There are interviews of people who have had experiences, also with Julianna and her husband Eric. The owners have both had major experiences at the house.

Also interviewed is Roy Wilson, Chief and spiritual leader of the Cowlitz Indians, who gives great insight into the land.

And, of course there is an extensive investigation that is best seen to be believed.

So...what makes the Montgomery House the perfect haunting? The fact that everything comes together there, and Danielle is able to see and explain elequently what is happening. Also, the amount of activity and the type of activity all in one place is extraordinary. 

' Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting.'

 You can purchase the DVD here.

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