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Match 12th 2007

Hooked on Junkie Cousin
Hamburger Mary's
Newport Beach, CA.
By AJ Marx

I'm a WeHo native, but for a good cause even I will cross over the rigid Orange County border line. Which is what happened last week for the Fundraiser at Hamburger Mary's supporting the California Quake Professional Women's Tackle Football League put on by Venus Envy.

Ok, so a little more than charity was on my mind when I drove over the LA border and ventured into OC land in search of sexy babes with footballs but I was rewarded with a treasure in the form of a new band with an tremendous sound called Junkie Cousin (

The lead singer Danielle Egnew was introduced onto the stage as a music award winner and the star of an upcoming film. No surprise. She's hot. She did a few numbers with her guitar before she was joined by the band for a great set.

Egnew looks like a naughty cheerleader with hip boots to here and a sexy body that supports a Band-Aid size half football jersey with the number "69" stitched across her ample chest and really tight shorts that would surely get her arrested in the conservative OC. The outfit, daring as it may be, and the woman wearing it certainly sizzles - but then Egnew steps up to the mic and opens that gorgeous mouth to reveal a luminous voice with a range that made the crowd go wild.

Though Egnew would be enough to capture anyone's interest for some time, the band just jells as a whole unit.

Guitarist Paul Houston rocked the house with a solo in their next to last song and though I was pretty sure he was invoking the spirit of Jimi Hendrix, he really left me wanting more. Bassist Rich Vaccaro and drummer Ed Gray round out Junkie Cousin's hard edgy sound.

Junkie Cousin gave out free CD's to the crowd which was a nice touch. The CD is a staple in my truck, since that's where I spend most of my time commuting. Though the song I've been humming, which is not on the CD is Dana Scully Is A Lesbian, and easily could be their comedic anthem. It will have you rolling with laughter while you jam out as it did with the audience at Hamburger Mary's.

This group is around to stay and I for one am hooked on Junkie Cousin.

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