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Danielle's long-awaited book is OUT!

"This woman is the Real Deal. Wit, sensibility,
charm and true ability. Read her book."
-- Kim Rhodes, Actress (CW's 'Supernatural')

Order your own paperback copy or
download your digital copy from Kindle, Nook, iBook,
and many other eReaders!

Danielle Egnew - true Tales of the truly Weird

True Tales of the Truly Weird:
Real Paranormal Accounts from a Real Psychic

Calling all paranormal junkies! Danielle's heavy-hitting paranormal autobiography is OUT in paperback copy as well as eBook on Kindle, Nook, iBook, PDF, Sony, and many of other eBook formats (available from Smashwords)!! Grab your hard or digital copy and learn what's REALLY out there lurking in the ethers, as well as learning some personal tidbits about Danielle that you may not have known. Part freaky and part fascinating facts, this book will both answer and instigate the most pressing paranormal questions, no doubt leaving the reader wondering what's *really* making that noise in the attic!

About the book:

Truth is weirder than fiction. From Ghosts to Demons, Extraterrestrials to Kachinas, Banshees to Elementals, talking plants to people who cannibalize another’s liver, renowned Psychic / Medium and Paranormal TV, Radio and Film host Danielle Egnew (ABC, NBC, TNT, USA, LA Talk Radio) has encountered it all -- sometimes with more terror than triumph. Uncover secrets of the magnificent yet monstrous unseen world that surrounds us everyday, recounted in exquisite and disturbing detail as experienced first-hand through Danielle’s extraordinary Psychic abilities. At the heart of the chaos, take a rare and candid look into the life and psyche of one of today’s most influential Spiritual and Paranormal personalities. An engaging yet chilling memoir underscored by fascinating history, harrowing humor, and freakish facts, True Tales of the Truly Weird is a powerhouse ethereal expose on what’s really lurking beyond our comfortable realm of understanding, redefining our realiy. The question is: Are we ready for the truth?


I'm in a Book!

I Don’t Need a Record Deal!
Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution

The Latest Book By Award-Winning Author
Daylle Deanna Schwartz

On Billboard Publishing

I'm interviewed in Daylle Deanna Schwartz's latest music industry book, published by Billboard Books and now available! Daylle frequently appears on national TV and radio, including Oprah, Inside Edition and Howard Stern.

This is a fantastic book for artists who are simply tired of waiting on a third party to make their dreams come true. I had a chance to share my experiences with Daylle about my band, Pope Jane, and how we took our then "little band that could" from the wheat fields of Montana to the rest of the world -- all on our own! I highly recommend this book as a resource for musical artists who wish to maintain creative control over their careers! (And no, Daylle doesn't pay me to say that. It's actually a really useful and easy to follow book.)

Other Books I Recommend:

Angelic Reflections

The Latest Book of Poetry
by Author
Mike Cucciardi
Illustrations by Joe Heins

On CM Publishing


For those of you looking for a little inspiration and an enjoyable read, I highly recommend this fantastic book by my very own uncle, Mike Cucciardi! Over 200 poems and poemettes exploring the mystery, beauty, and blessings of Angels in our lives. Uplifting, non-preachy and though-provoking, these short reflections bring a fresh understanding to a timeless topic.

"Mike Cucciardi, a man who suffers from a plethora of maladies that would crush a lesser spirit, shows readers, in his book Angels, a straight-forward, rational look at spirituality and how a real person applies faith to everyday life. I've known Mike as a rough, gruff Italian with the soul of the angels about whom he writes. If the Godfather and a teddy bear had a son, he'd be Mike Cucciardi." -- Robert J. Schwartz

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